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All about the books!

My books are available at Kobo, Apple Books. Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Google Play, Amazon, Smashwords and others and can be ordered from the library. My paperbacks are available at multiple stores online - such as Barnes & Noble and Waterstones etc. I have provided the major retailer buy links, but if you use one not named then use the 'other' link and it will take you to a page where you can choose a different retailer.

My books are full of magic and adventure. There is usually a female protagonist who has magic and is stronger than she thinks. Over the course of her adventure she will make friends, learn who she truly is and maybe enjoy a bit of clean romance too. My books are all about friendship, teamwork, and personal growth - as well as plenty of magic, evil villains and dangerous quests! There will always be a happy/satisfactory ending.



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A Shimmer of Magic - available now! The first in the brand new The Crystal Mages Trilogy. (book 2 on pre-order)

Elin believes she will never belong

Her magic is too dangerous.


But when Kamaria - a mage with her own issues - and a group of rangers find Elin, she is pulled into a dangerous quest and her life is changed forever. Kamaria is desperate to prove herself and Elin could be the key.


Elin struggles with her burgeoning friendships, learning to control her magic, and her feelings for the grey-eyed ranger, Kai. All while contending with renegade mages, assassins, and deadly creatures from legend.


Elin discovers her dead parents have bequeathed her a heavy responsibility, as well as a key. A key that could unleash a dark mage.


Elin will need to rein in her dangerous magic before evil is unleashed across the world.


If you enjoy strong heroines, richly imagined magical worlds, adventure and stories about friendship, then you will love A Shimmer of Magic - the first in a new YA Epic Fantasy series.


The Darkling Duology Books

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The Shard_v1b 100covers.jpg
The Dark Cluster_v1a.jpg
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My Standalone

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