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Welcome! - it's all about the books!

See below for my latest release, sign up to my newsletter, and see a list of all my published books. Click on the 'details' button to check out blurbs and how to purchase.

My books are full of magic and adventure. There is usually a female protagonist who has magic and is stronger than she thinks. Over the course of her adventure she will make friends, learn who she truly is and maybe enjoy a bit of clean romance too. My books are all about friendship, teamwork, and personal growth - as well as plenty of magic, evil villains and dangerous quests! There will always be a happy/satisfactory ending.

So dive in because magic and adventure await...



A Glitter of Power ebook.jpg

A Glitter of Power  - available now! 

The third book in The Crystal Mages Trilogy. Series now complete!

Will Elin fulfil her parents’ prophecy?

Or will Abria consume the world in dark sorcery?

The Fallen Mages

Jane Shand_ebook.jpg

Book 1 of The Fallen Mages. Coming 7th May 2024.

The Crystal Mages Trilogy

Jane Shand_ebook.jpg
A Glitter of Power ebook.jpg

The Darkling Duology Books

The Darkness Within Karas_v1a.jpg
The Shard_v1b 100covers.jpg
The Dark Cluster_v1a.jpg
Darkling Duology Boxset cover3.jpg

My Standalone

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