My books are full of magic and adventure. The main character is usually a young adult female who feels she is different in some way. She has magic and is strong - though she often only comes to realise this part way through the journey. My stories are about friendship, co-operation and self-discovery.

There is usually a quest, a mystery and lots of adventure with some light, clean romance thrown in.

They are suitable for anyone 12 to over a 100!

Fire and Shadows - coming summer 2022! The first in a brand new trilogy - The Crystal Mages Trilogy.

The Darkness Within Karas - coming soon! A Prequel Novella in the Darkling Duology World!

She’s desperate to find her missing brother. But if the sinister Dark Patrol catch her first, she may never see her brother, or the sun, again.

Rosa must find her missing brother. He is her other half, her twin, so she knows something is wrong. After travelling to the city of Karas to look for an apprenticeship, all communication suddenly ceases. Rosa convinces her father to let her follow him in order to bring him safely home.

But Karas is a dangerous place. The Assembly has become ruthless and corrupted. The Dark Patrol will hunt down anyone with magic, never to be seen again. Rosa learns of a Resistance Movement and wonders if her brother could have joined them. Rosa must keep her own magic hidden whilst searching for the Resistance and her brother in the roughest parts of the city.

Can she find her brother and save him, without putting herself in terrible danger?

This prequel takes place 25 years prior to the events of The Shard. Can you spot a familiar character as you follow Rosa’s desperate mission to save her brother?

The Dark Cluster_v1a.jpg

The Dark Cluster - available now!

On a quest to unlock the secrets of her goddess-given powers, can one young woman defeat the ultimate evil?


Nalani is basking in her newfound contentment. But when her once-loathed ability surges back to life, the determined girl is convinced it holds the key to tracking down her long-lost father. So she’s horrified when her arrival on the mainland to investigate makes her the target of discontented warmongers.


Focused on pursuing the tiny clues she’s found, Nalani recruits old friends to cover dangerous new territory. Yet even as she grows closer to learning the truth, she’s terrified by its growing connection to an ominous Lord lurking high in the mountains.


Can Nalani beat back the creeping malevolence before it claims everything she loves?


The Dark Cluster is the second book in The Darkling Duology of YA fantasies. If you like authentic characters, charismatic villains, and quests driven by hope, then you’ll love Jane Shand’s tense adventure.


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The Shard_v1b 100covers.jpg

The Shard - available now!

Her touch is the only cure for an all-consuming corruption. When she sets out to change her fate, will she condemn her world to despair?


Nalani is certain she’s cursed. Although everyone else claims her odd powers are a Gift from the goddess, the lonely twenty-year-old feels them cutting her off from those she loves. So when she’s called to leave her verdant island home and travel to the mainland, she seizes the journey as an opportunity to shed her unwanted magic.


Slow to surrender her innermost secrets to those who could offer help, Nalani gradually opens her heart to the new city and its fascinating denizens. But after she learns of a strange experiment with dark consequences, even her newfound allies can’t defend her against the ruthless forces she’s disturbed.


Will Nalani’s hunt for answers reunite a broken people or push her beyond salvation?


The Shard is the first book in The Darkling Duology of YA fantasies. If you like bold heroines, coming-of-age adventures, and lush worldbuilding, then you’ll love Jane Shand’s vivid escape.


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The Light Wielders  - available now!

Hunted for her magic. Her powers could save the light wielders from extinction. But saving them could cost her life.


Angkasa lives in an isolated farming village surrounded by thick jungle. Her light-fuelled magic is strong but, in her future, she sees only the limitations imposed by the deformity of her arm. When two strangers arrive with rumours of light wielders being kidnapped and of a creature that kills, hiding in her village is no longer an option.


Seeking help from the fabled Tenpat Temple, she accompanies the strangers who face their own worries. But the temple doesn’t bring the hope they long for, only a fourth stranger and the knowledge that their journey has only just begun…


With a creature that feeds on magic one step behind them, these four must join forces and learn to trust themselves and each other before magic is permanently extinguished from their world – and all the lights blink out.


If you enjoy strong characters, beautiful new worlds, intriguing magic and tales of coming-of-age, then you will love this evocatively described YA Fantasy.


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