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Here you can find all my published books. My eBooks are available at Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Google Play , Amazon, Smashwords, libraries and others. My paperbacks are widely available to order from online stores, including Barnes & Noble and Waterstones, as well as libraries. If your favourite retailer link isn't listed, use the 'other' link to go to a page where you can choose a different retailer.

The Crystal Mages Trilogy

Latest Release!

Jane Shand_ebook.jpg

A Shimmer of Magic - available now! The first in a brand new trilogy - The Crystal Mages Trilogy.

Elin believes she will never belong

Her magic is too dangerous.


But when Kamaria, a mage with her own issues, and a group of rangers find Elin, she is pulled into a dangerous quest and her life is changed forever. Kamaria is desperate to prove herself and Elin could be the key.


Elin struggles with her burgeoning friendships, learning to control her magic, and her feelings for the grey-eyed ranger, Kai. All while contending with renegade mages, assassins, and deadly creatures from legend.


Elin discovers her dead parents have bequeathed her a heavy responsibility, as well as a key. A key that could unleash a dark mage.


Elin will need to rein in her dangerous magic before evil is unleashed across the world.


If you enjoy strong heroines, richly imagined magical worlds, adventure and stories about friendship, then you will love A Shimmer of Magic - the first in a new YA Epic Fantasy series.


Pre-order links below!


A Glint of Blades- Pre-order now! coming 25 July 2023 The second in a brand new trilogy - The Crystal Mages Trilogy.

As Elin searches for redemption

Betrayal lurks in Draoheach


The second book in the YA coming-of-age epic fantasy series, The Crystal Mages Trilogy, is filled with more magic, betrayal, intrigue and adventure.

Elin is guilt ridden at her part in releasing the evil mage, Dalili. All she wants is to research the artefact her parents left for her. She desperately hopes it will return magic to her people in Ferranzia and help in the battle against Dalili.

But she will soon learn of a deep betrayal that will resonate throughout the empire, throwing her future and that of her friends into doubt.

Elin and her friends must discover the truth and root out the evil before Draoheach, and the empire itself, spiral into war.

Buy A Glint of Blades to join Elin and her friends for more magic, mystery, and adventure.



Coming Autumn/Fall 2023

A Glitter of Power 1st cover.jpg

A Glitter of Power - coming Autumn/Fall 2023 The third in a brand new trilogy - The Crystal Mages Trilogy.

Will Elin fulfil her parents’ prophecy?

Or will Abria consume the world in dark sorcery?


The final book in the YA coming-of-age epic fantasy series, The Crystal Mages Trilogy, brings more magic, dark sorcery, mystery, and adventure.


Elin is still missing one vital clue as to how to activate the artefact her parents gave her. Without it she cannot return magic to Ferranzia and fulfil her parents’ legacy.


Will finding where her parents lived help her to discover the final piece? As she explores the once great capital city of Amna and finds items that show her who her parents were, she finally begins to feel like she belongs. But what will that mean for her and Kai?


But Abria is at Sirash, the birthplace of magic in Ferranzia, and she is committing further experiments in dark sorcery. More creatures of myth and legend rise and swarm, attracted to the dark energy. Elin will have to battle past them to get to Sirash. It is only there that her artefact will restore magic to the land of Ferranzia. And the people deserve to get it back.


With Elin so focussed on her task, will she miss vital information and lose sight of what is truly important? Can Kamaria convince Elin that defeating Abria is the most important task of all?


It may all come down to a last battle for the fate of Ferranzia, magic, and the empire.


Buy A Glitter of Power to join Elin and her friends for the climax to their adventure!

The Darkling Duology Books

The Darkness Within Karas_v1a.jpg
The Shard_v1b 100covers.jpg
The Dark Cluster_v1a.jpg
Darkling Duology Boxset cover3.jpg

The Darkness Within Karas (prequel novella) - available now!

She needs to find her brother.

But she risks never seeing the sun again.


Rosa is strong-willed but naïve and she is desperate to locate her missing brother. He disappeared after travelling to the city of Karas to look for work. Could he have become entangled with the notorious Resistance?

The young girl must keep her magic hidden whilst searching the depths of the corrupt city. For if the sinister Dark Patrol catch her, she may never see her brother, or the sun, again.


This is a prequel novella in The Darkling Duology world and is set 25 years prior to the events of The Shard. It will introduce you to the magic and the history of the city of Karas - the most important setting in The Darkling Duology.

If you enjoy independent heroines, magic and adventure, you will love this YA Epic Fantasy.


Buy The Darkness Within Karas and follow Rosa’s desperate mission to save her brother.

The Shard - available now!

A dark corruption lies at the heart of the city. She must find the courage to accept her magic and defeat it.

Nalani hasn’t felt like she fitted in since her beloved father left home over a decade ago. Her magic is unique, and her mother is distant, fearful of her power. Nalani longs to regain her affection and to finally belong, but when her magic surges to life, demanding that she leave her home, Nalani obeys, hoping this might prove a new beginning.

In the rich and vibrant city of Karas, she finds unexpected friendship, but also dark secrets and a ruthless adversary.

Nalani and her newfound friends follow a trail that they hope will lead to the source of the dark energy spreading across the land. If she can destroy it, she might finally discover a means to leave her magic behind and find a place for herself.

But not everything is as it seems, and Nalani must learn to accept her magic and trust her friends before the corruption overpowers them all.

Filled with dark magic, dangerous secrets, a strong female lead, and hard-won friendships, The Shard is the first book in the young adult, coming-of-age epic fantasy Darkling Duology. Buy The Shard to capture a fragment of hope today

The Dark Cluster - Available now!

Dark magic corrupts. Will it claim everything she loves?


Nalani is basking in her newfound contentment. But when her magic surges back to life, she is convinced it holds the key to tracking down her long-lost father.


She returns to Karas and recruits her old friends as she follows a trail of clues that lead her in the footsteps of her father and towards an ominous lord lurking high in the mountains. Nalani and her friends will face the ever-present dangers of the freezing mountains, as well as new enemies before she can learn what happened to her father, and confront the final, terrifying weapon of a charismatic king.


Nalani must learn to control her powers if she is to stand against the madness of a man corrupted, before he claims everything she loves.


The Dark Cluster is the second book in the young adult, epic fantasy Darkling Duology, filled with magic, charismatic villains, and tense adventure.

If you enjoy books with strong female leads, coming of age stories, adventures in new lands and plenty of magic then buy The Dark Cluster and join Nalani and her friends on their quest of hope.

My Standalone

The Darkling Duology Boxset: includes prequel and both books -   Available now!

Magic and adventure await in this YA Epic fantasy boxset.

Discover a vivid world of magic and mystery. Join strong female protagonists and their friends as they embark on adventures that may affect the fate of thousands. Follow as they battle evil, dark energy, and the land itself. There will be danger, sweet romance, and laughter, but always a satisfactory ending.

First join Rosa in her desperate search for her brother through the corrupt city of Karas. She must keep her magic hidden or risk being caught by the sinister Dark Patrol. If they find her before she finds her brother, she may never see him, or the sun again.

Let this prequel introduce you to the continent of Thalian and its magic, and the city of Karas, before you venture 25 years into the future and The Shard.

Join Nalani and her friends as they try to unravel a dark secret from the past and save children with magic from a terrifying, creeping energy threatening to twist them into abominations. Can they discover the source of the dark energy and put right an old injustice?

In The Dark Cluster Nalani sets out to discover what fate befell her missing father. But her unique magic has other plans as she and her friends follow her father's trail deep into the mountains. Here they will find peril and a leader of great charisma, but has he been driven to madness by the dark energy? Can they vanquish the corruption before it swallows everything they love?

If you enjoy books with strong female leads, coming of age stories, adventures in new lands and plenty of magic then buy The Darkling Duology Boxset today and enjoy tales of friendship and hope..


The Light Wielders - available now!

The fate of magic will rest in her hands…

If she can survive long enough.


Angkasa’s light-fuelled magic is strong but, in her future, she sees only the limitations imposed by the deformity of her arm. She clings to the safe haven of her small village, even though it forces her to hide who she truly is.


When she is forced to flee to the Tenpat Temple from a creature that feeds on magic, hiding is no longer an option.


At the fabled temple she discovers that her journey has only just begun. She must learn to see beyond her deformity and trust in her magic and her newfound friends.


Can they prevent the extinction of all magic and those that wield it?


This YA coming-of-age epic fantasy novel is a tale rooted in friendship and self-discovery as well as magic and adventure.


Buy The Light Wielders to join Angkasa and her friends in their race to save their world.

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