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Here you can find all the published books in The Fallen Mages. The eBooks are available at Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Google Play Books, Amazon, Smashwords, libraries and others. My paperbacks will be (once live) widely available to order from online stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones, as well as libraries. If your favourite retailer link isn't listed, use the 'other' link to go to a page where you can choose a different retailer.

On the continent of Escarnia, just over the southern border of the Kinchere Empire, lies Methisti. A land similar to Ancient Persia. Aolmost no mages are born here, and those that are must be sent to Kinchere to be trained - this is the law handed down by the Kings of old. But Afshaneh does not want to be sent away so she hides what she is. Until she no longer can. 

Ancient evil is stirring in the cursed ruins.

Out now!

Pre-order links below! Release date of 27th August 2024

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Legacy of the Fallen - out now! The first in a brand new series - The Fallen Mages

A dangerous quest risks the return of an ancient evil.


Afshaneh has secrets. She hides her forbidden magic and she hides her past. But when she takes on a dangerous quest, will her secrets be revealed?


Her close band of friends know she can be reckless and impulsive, so they are not surprised when she agrees to reclaim a lost artefact for a stranger. She could not refuse; he offered enough money to keep her and her mother safe forever.


However, she soon learns that this artefact and the one who seeks it could be the most dangerous things in the land. Her quest will take her to the ominous ruins of a castle once occupied by evil mages: The Fallen. She will begin to understand their legacy and will be faced with a choice.


Should she destroy the artefact – become the heroine everyone believes she can be – and so attract the wrath of an evil mage, or should she claim the reward and risk the return of The Fallen?


Legacy of The Fallen is a thrilling fantasy adventure for fans of Empire of Sand, The City of Brass, and This Woven Kingdom. If you enjoy vivid worlds, complex characters, and tales of reluctant heroines/chosen ones then join Afshaneh on her quest and discover which choice she makes…


Jane Shand_ebook.jpg

Curse of the Fallen - pre-order now, releasing 27th August 2024! The second in a brand new series - The Fallen Mages

A deadly Curse from the past threatens all Afshaneh loves

Dark magic is transforming animals into ferocious, twisted creatures. What happens if it infects a person?


Afshaneh and her friends must embark on a mission to discover the source and end it before disaster strikes.

No one is surprised when the trail leads them back to the Fallen mages’ fortress. But the cure is unexpected and potentially deadly.

Along the way Afshaneh discovers a disturbing truth from her past and she is distracted by the handsome and charismatic mage, Mikos, who Shahmir hopes can help train Afshaneh. Can she resist his charms? Does she even wish to?

The plans of the Fallen are slowly revealed as Afshaneh and her friends battle magic and the Cursed beasts on this second adventure.

Will Afshaneh and her friends once again be able to thwart the Fallen’s plans? Or will their power continue to grow?


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